Thursday, April 30, 2009

I give it all up...

Politics is crap. Democrat or Republican, it doesnt matter to me anymore.
I still read the paper and listen to the hype, but they are all insane. It reminds me of the backstabbing of Julius Caesar. I firmly believe what they do now is more sinister. It would be better if they faced each other in a duel. NPR was all a buzz about Arlen jumping ship and playing for the other team. I am sure they felt betrayed, but where is the root to this system. They lay the groundwork themselves, they are all out to get each other. It is like they are trying to play a basketball game, but each is refusing to wear a jersey like the other guys.What a pointless game that is, running around not knowing who is on your team, or who you can trust to pass the ball to. So each man hugs the ball when it comes to him and tears around the court screaming MINE, MINE, until at last he is tired and gives it to the next moron so he can run around for a bit.

I am not exactly sure when the parties became so divided on a religious level, but I refuse to believe that Christ would be mixed up in it all.

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