Saturday, March 28, 2009

No patience...

I have absolutely no patience lately. The kids are always in a panic about something, the house is always in need of cleaning, and I am in need of a time machine. Old people are always telling me to enjoy this time, the kids are growing up too fast. Too fast...really? Well not today they arent.

I must sound like a terrible parent. I love my kids more than life itself, but I am tired. It has been 8 years of solid diaper changing, sippy cup washing and chronic whining.

Last week I took Ava to the movies with her girlfriend, and we had the best time. Eight is such a wonderful age, they were so happy to be out together like big girls. They savored each activity, giggling all the way. Who knew that lunch at O'Charleys , a butterfly net from the Dollar Tree, and a 3-D movie could be so fun.

I am certain that toddlers are cute so that we will agree to their terms. My little dude is tearing it up around the house. He is a tornado, and Helena is doing anything and everything to get the attention back she has lost to him. She whines and falls down, loses things and has crazy dietary needs. Whatever it takes to get mommy back on her turf. Iwill give her credit, she is the most persistent human being alive, and one day is destined to be a salesman or a defense attorney. Only time will tell. Until then may the Lord give me strength to make it through the next couple of years without completely breaking down.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Proof of a Creator...

For what purpose is a pearl
if not to be beautiful
it supplies nothing and no one with nourishment
yet it exists all the same
All cultures and peoples desire it for its beauty
Evolution states that all things evolve for the purpose of other things
So why does beauty exist
Nature could have produced many means of pollen production
but nothing can compare to a rose
so I ask this question
What is the evolutionary purpose of beauty if not to glorify a Creator?